Our Products: Midwest Made

We truly are.

We process our products right here and get it to your neighborhood grocer in about one day. This ensures unsurpassed freshness and the dedication to quality on which we were founded.

Locally grown when in season.

We buy our products locally whenever we can, but sometimes Mother Nature makes it so that we have to buy them from places that are a little farther away. When the weather is right and the sun is shining here in the Midwest, you can bet we are sourcing locally! We work closely with our farmers to ensure our quality standards are carried through to each product we supply.

About Nora and Ashley's

We are two sisters who grew up spending summers with our family on Loon Lake Farm; as kids we fell in love with it, and now we have returned to continue our family legacy.  Nestled in northeast Minnesota, Loon Lake Farm once was our family’s escape from the hustle and bustle. Here is where we first learned about Midwest values, which are still the core of our beliefs. Here is where we decided to start our partnership.

We promise to offer you products that are extremely fresh, locally-made produce, with a commitment to giving back.


Wholesale Produce Supply

752 Kasota Cir SE

Minneapolis, MN  55414

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